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Class descriptions

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Our signature class has a focus on high intensity, functional training. Our performance class is 60 minutes long, run by a coach in a small group setting. These classes are the pinnacle of fitness, as we focus on all realms of strength and conditioning. This class offers a balance of focus on muscle and strength development, as well as conditioning workouts that will increase our cardiovascular strength, stamina and endurance. These classes vary day to day, to be sure to keep variety in our fitness, while also having structure behind each cycle to make sure our fitness and strength progress us closer to our goals.

Expect to see the use of all of our equipment, including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, rowing, biking, running, gymnastics and plyometric movements.


Our Shred classes are a high intensity, minimal equipment class. Our instructor will lead you through a 60 minute, full body, sweat workout. Expect to see mostly body weight movements, and some light weight strength movements to maintain a high heart rate throughout this session, as the main focus is on conditioning. This class will make you sweat, get you lean, and propel you forward towards your goals.

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Enjoy our facility outside of class times. All members will gain access to the facility during non-operating hours via an app on your mobile device. Catch up on a workout you missed during the week or take time to improve your weaknesses, we’re happy to share our space with our members to enjoy at their convenience.


Gain full access to our daily workouts remotely via our app. We take pride in our programming. Our main objective is to bring our athletes to the next level, while balancing strength, conditioning and aesthetics. Our workouts are designed to push you through a variety of movements and structures of workouts. We aim to target all of your body’s energy systems to  push you to your peak performance and reach your aesthetic goals, without the risk of injury or overtraining.

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